Putting Hands Where Hearts Are

Most of the world is aware that we are facing one of the greatest medical crises in history. Recently in the Faith community there has been a huge outpouring of compassion concerning this need. Healing The Nations has been formed to provide a conduit for this heart felt compassion to touch our world. Many of those who are concerned wonder where and how to get involved in this crises. Healing The Nations seeks to address this concern in a practical way through its holistic HIV/AIDS treatment program. In other words, “Putting Hands Where Hearts Are” Healing The Nations' program, not only treats the disease but adds supportive counseling to treat the whole person, physically, socially and spiritually thus assuring that the patient has the best opportunity to overcome every aspect of the disease.

Responding to the AIDS Issue

Since the AIDS crises appeared on the world stage near the end of the 20th century there has been continual controversy over its cause and treatment. Often those from the Faith community have found themselves charged with ignorance or lack of compassion. Healing The Nations was formed to respond to this issue. We not only bring treatment to those who are living with AIDS but are also working to inform and mobilize concerned individuals from the Faith community to assist in the emergency.

Serving as a Catalyst and Connector

One of the greatest issues at the center of this deadly disease is how can those affected by AIDS be treated and how can this treatment be funded. Healing The Nations serves as a catalyst and a connector in this realm. By bringing together concerned individuals and financial resources we are putting healing hands in the place where many hearts have chosen to go. By connecting the vast assets of the faith community, with its resources, skills and talents Healing The Nations is working to unleash a force that can seriously address this problem.